How to Find a Job as a Web Developer


There are over 26,000 web developer positions posted on Indeed. The median annual salary of a webmaster is $89,000. The programming segment of the IT industry is estimated to grow by 20%. If you’re a budding web developer expectantly waiting for your first big break, then the aforementioned statistics will surely encourage you. After having honed your skills in the programming languages like JavaScript, Java, SQL, HTML, and PHP, work on these tips if you want your inbox to be inundated with mails for job interviews.

  1. Create an impressive CV and post it on top job sites

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to create an impressive CV that’ll immediately catch the attention of potential or prospective employers. Since you’d be applying for your first job as a developer, it is expected that the same will be a sketchy one as you’re yet to gather any worthwhile experience. List all the important aspects of your academic background and professional skills in an orderly manner. Paying extra attention to the section on professional skills explaining how your expertise will further organizational growth and development may help.

  1. Freelancing Matters

Freelancing can be a great way to test skills you’ve garnered as well as earn a handsome amount while you’re waiting in the wings to land a job. Of course, you can mention the freelance projects on your portfolio to add to its viability.

  1. Get Involved

Graduating from coding for classroom projects to developing/modifying codes for open-sourced web development platforms like MySQL, JavaScript or Linux will reinforce your programming skills and link you with other developers.

  1. Network with Professionals and Industry Experts

Almost all organizations involved in web development and design have a section on ‘work with us’. If you browse through these sections, you’ll see that are positions for entry-level developers up for grabs. Also, make it a point for networking with industry experts and web development professionals.

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