Useful Programming Languages for Web Developers

The 21st century has appropriately been termed as the era of digital technology. Data compiled by Glassdoor and Monster Jobs, the top sites referred to by jobseekers, have reported that maximum number of lucrative openings are being created in the IT sector. There is a stupendous demand for individuals with certified and proven programming skills. So, it doesn’t need to be exaggerated that picking up the basics of some popular programming languages will go a long way in enabling you to land a high-paying job. Learn the basics of the following computer programming languages in order to make yourself eligible for a host of programming positions.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript continues to rule the roost as the top programming language used by web developers, web designers, and webmasters. Portals developed using JavaScript are not only compatible for opening on a wide range of browsers but can be logged into from other web-based platforms as well. Even hardware can be programmed using JavaScript. Learning JavaScript can pose challenges as the original script is not conducive to typing but if you can pick up this programming language, you’d be on your way to mastering other in-demand languages in a short span of time.

  1. SQL

Structured Query Language is another programming language that is used in customized forms like Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL for driving both big and small businesses. This language is basically used for supervising data of multiple apps running on RDBMS.

  1. Java

Although many learners assume JavaScript and Java are the same and confuse one with the other the two languages are as different as chalk is from cheese. Java, unlike JavaScript is a statically typed program powering approximately 7 billion gadgets globally and being used by nearly 9 million web developers. It is no wonder that,, and LinkedIn are driven by Java because of its flexibility and simplicity.

  1. PHP

A server-end scripting or programming language, PHP is extremely user-friendly for learners and is extensively used for developing websites.

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